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How To Evaluate A Good Web Design?


To determine whether a site on the internet is a good quality website is not enough to take a look and see if it looks good.

There are several additional factors that determine whether a website is a good website or not:

  • Web Design: A high quality web design should be clean, attractive and functional. In fact, any user should be attracted to visit and browse the web site, leaving a pleasant and positive experience of his visit to the website.
  • Speed: If your website is slow, most likely the user will go to visit another website that provide the information he needs more quickly, and this indicates a flaw in your hosting service or the health of your servers.
  • Security: If your website is not secure, the user will not feel confident in leaving their data on the website or send important information. For example payment processing or storage of personal data.
  • Protection: Is your website protected from cyber attacks? Are the backups are up to date? Attacks and cyber criminals will not tell you when are they planning to attack. if your site is not protected against these attacks and configuration backup is not efficient you could lose your digital image in minutes, as well as important data for your company.
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