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Tips to Re-Design a Logo


If your logo generates more confusion than the streets of Mexico City, it may be time to consider new options, or better yet, start the process of changing your corporate identity so that your brand can position itself now and in the future.

Designing and choosing a logo can be stressful for any entrepreneur and business owner. For this reason, at Websy Agency we provide you with a list of tips to choose the best logo that can grow with your company.

  1. Involve your work team (employees, husband, wife, concubine, etc.) The logo is a representation of your company, so your work team must support it. It is important that the logo is easy to remember (1st priority) and that it reflects the activity of your company (2nd priority), but just as important is that your work team supports the decision to choose one logo or another.
  2. Make a logo that is relevant. When a person or a client who does not know your company at all, if they see your logo, they must quickly relate your logo with the name of your company or the main activity of your company. Example: I would put some green leaves of a tree in a logo of a company that is dedicated to the installation of solar panels? Of course not, choose objects and colors that represent your company without solving mathematical formulas.
  3. Keep it simple but different. Limit your creativity to a maximum of 3 objects and 2 colors or vice versa, objects that are simple and can be easily copied by hand, we all know that you want your logo to be perfect, but think of some of the best logos: coca-cola , nike, ebay, amazon, google, etc.
  4. Don't stress too much. If you have already requested more than 4 modifications to the logo you chose, it is most likely that you are spending too much time and stress on it. Possibly the first option is the best one, take into account the suggestions of a marketing professional.

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